The legal landscape for some time continues to be transforming with increase in specialized cases. These deal with places like immigration and environmental laws. The economic conditions have also not been very supporting of the larger companies as they have been finding it difficult to manage enormous administrative overheads. Out of these times has emerged the occurrence of a boutique law firm. These have generally been formed by practicing attorneys who left larger companies and began their own practices which focus on market areas.

Features of a Boutique law firm:

1. It’s normally smaller than the usual general practice law firms. At times it could only consist of a couple of attorneys who’ve come together because of a common passion for a specific area of law.

2. Most of these happen to be formed by lawyers who left larger law firms to begin their own practices. An excellent example is Chicago Law Associates which was started by five lawyers from Chicago law firm of Neal, Gerber and Eisenberg.

3. It targets a market or a couple of market areas rather than all facets of law and order. As an example, Chicago Law Partners takes up cases simply for not-for-profit organizations.

4. Not-for-profit advertise themselves as “specialists” in their preferred place like immigration laws or marine laws.

5. The fees charged by these companies are often higher compared to normal general practice law firm san jose.

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Last Modified: June 13, 2014